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The Graduate Student Workshop

Thursday, October 27th – 12:00pm to 2:00pm – McDonel Hall, room C103

Are ‘collectors the real looters?’ Does demand cause illicit supply? What policies are in place to control the actual market for antiquities?

In this workshop we will discuss how and why things continue to fall apart. By discussing current heritage disasters in Syria and Iraq and comparing them to previous disasters in the same region, we will consider the question: are we making the same mistakes over and over again? Are researchers driving our global policy responses to the looting and trafficking of antiquities or is the media? As we will see, this lack of innovative policy has profound effects on the sources of looted antiquities but few effects on the market. We will conclude by thinking about what effective regulation of the market might look like.

Header image – looted archaeological site in the Jordan River Valley. Photo by Austin “Chad” Hill  –